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Thanks for visiting our wedding website! This site is a central hub for all the information regarding our wedding celebration, and will be updated with the latest and greatest info. If you have any questions we don't cover on our site, feel free to shoot us an email at carlincasey2023@gmail.com.


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About the Venue

Camp Hilltop is a 600 acre camp near the Catskill Mountains in Hancock, NY. We have the camp to ourselves for the weekend!

7825 Co Rd 67, Hancock, NY 13783

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Please note that there is almost no cell phone reception at the camp and no Wifi- we will be unplugging for the weekend!

Travel Info

If you will be flying in for the wedding, the closest airports to the venue are the Greater Binghamton Airport, the New York Stewart International Airport, and Syracuse Hancock International Airport.
For driving directions, click on the directions link in the Google Maps window below.


This schedule is a general overview of the event and is subject to alterations as the wedding weekend approaches. It will be updated to reflect the most current plan.
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Earliest Arrival Time

3:00 pm

Guests staying Friday night onsite arrive at the camp and get settled.

7825 Co Rd 67, Hancock, NY 13783

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Friday Dinner

7:00 pm

Guests arriving Friday will gather in the Dining Hall for a buffet-style dinner catered by the camp. Meal will be Mexican cuisine with options for most dietary preferences.

After Dinner Party!

8:00 pm

Karaoke and drinks in the Dining Hall and our favorite movies playing at the Hillman Hall game room.
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Saturday Brunch

9:30-10:30 am

Guests gather in the reception hall for a buffet-style brunch catered by the camp. Meal will consist of fruit, eggs, breakfast meats, potatoes, bagels and spreads.
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Guests Explore Camp

Before and After Brunch

Guests explore and enjoy the camp facilities while the wedding party prepares for the ceremony. Take a dip in the pool, play some tennis, use the gym facilities, take a stroll around camp, or catch one of our favorite childhood movies before getting ready for the ceremony! 
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Wedding Ceremony

3:30 pm

Our short and sweet ceremony will be held along the forest's edge near the baseball field. Chairs will be provided. The plan is to be outdoors, with a backup of a covered area in case of rain.
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Cocktail Hour

4:30 pm

After the ceremony, guests will gather at the dining hall porch and surrounding areas for cocktails and appetizers.
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5:30 pm

Dinner, dancing, and activities in the reception hall. Open bar will be available from 4:30-10:30pm. Buffet-style meal will be Mediterranean cuisine with options for most dietary preferences.
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After Party

11:00 pm

Campfire, guitar jam, and shenanigans going into the night for those staying onsite.
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Farewell Brunch

11:00 am

Guests gather for a final brunch in the dining hall. Meal will consist of fruit, eggs, breakfast meats, potatoes, bagels and spreads.
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Guests Depart

1:00 pm

We say our goodbyes and depart from Camp Hilltop.

The Wedding Party

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Becca Shulman

Maid of Honor
Becca is Carlin's dear cousin and her closest and oldest best friend. Becca and Carlin have always been two peas in a pod, since diapers they have been toddling around causing mischief together. From midnight Harry Potter movie premieres, to family vacations in Lake George and Pennsylvania, to college shenanigans, they have made decades of the best (and craziest) memories together! Becca loves reading and writing, creating art, and all things cute and cuddly- especially her adorable animals!
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Chris Mobley

Best Man
Christopher and Casey grew up as next-door neighbors in Ithaca. They became best friends all the way back when they were toddlers and spent so much of their free time together throughout their childhood - re-enacting their favorite movies, exploring the woods and creek behind the park, and dubbing themselves “the bread boys” while distributing free bread throughout their trailer park. They shared in many changing interests throughout their teenage years - roller coasters, playing Magic the Gathering tournaments, writing and recording sketch comedy and movies, and organizing their own private Fireworks show for friends and family. To this day, their lives continue to be synced up in many ways; spending time on home renovations, working in tech, and even both getting married this year!
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Kim McAnulty

Kim and Carlin have been friends since they were 2 and 3 years old when their parents met and became friends at Knox Church in Kenmore, NY. Then came decades of playdates, sleepovers, writing cheesy songs and being absolute goofy weirdos together with Kim's younger sisters Kelly and Grace. Kimmie is a beautiful singer and has impeccable taste in style. She loves her husband and beautiful family, Disney movies, all things musical theater, our queen Celine, and I'd be remiss if I left out-- hot sauce!!
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Ivan Binkerd-Dale

Casey and Ivan met in their teenage years working at Greenstar Co-op in Ithaca. They connected over interests in making music, their shared experience of being raised homeschooled, infinite curiosity towards all aspects of the human experience, and enthusiasm for novelty. Ivan's friendship was a godsend during Casey's rocky teenage years. He is a stalwart buddy that has been a pillar of support in so many of Casey's projects over the years. He (along with his wife) played in Casey's band for a short period, and he has helped tremendously with so many home renovations - making all of them much more enjoyable. 
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Kelly Rife

Kelly and Carlin have been friends since they were 2 years old when Carlin smacked Kelly at the church nursery! Thank goodness Jody marched them over to apologize to Kelly and her mom Deb- because it started a friendship that would last decades and mean more than anything in the world! Kelly and Carlin have had countless playdates and sleepovers throughout the years, and spent hours and hours making up silly skits, filming questionably acted home movies, and singing their favorite musical songs. Kelly is an amazing actress and singer, loves the outdoors, being with her fiancee and their dog Winston, and anything with Johnny Depp!
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Andy Rizos

Andy and Casey also met while working at Greenstar Co-op. They connected over their shared appreciation of Buddhism, ancestral wisdom, world cuisine, and wisecracking. Casey started going to Andy’s place regularly shortly after Andy’s first daughter was born - the three of them spent many evenings together enjoying some combination of old radio shows, waxing philosophical, cooking, and Dora the Explorer. These times were a definite bright spot in Casey’s late teens/early twenties which were an otherwise difficult time. Andy and his family are an indispensable part of our Ithaca family.
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Jade Carlucci

Jade is Casey's sister and met Carlin for the first time when Casey brought her to their family's annual St. Patrick's Day party. Jade has been a special friend to Carlin over the 7 years they have known each other and has embraced her as a sister even before they were sister-in-law's to be! Jade is amazing mother to Casey's niece and nephew, Adrianna and Landon, and a great friend to all who know her. She loves elephants, sunflowers, coaching cheerleading, health and wellness, and cheering on her son Landon at his sports games!
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Trevor Wakefield

Trevor is Carlin's brother and first met Casey when Carlin brought him home to Buffalo for the first time. On that trip, they visited Niagara Falls and Letchworth State Park, and got to know each other. Over the years, Casey and Trevor have bonded over their love of movies and generally being the calmest people in the room. Trevor loves hanging out with his good friends, playing D&D, and working on his podcast.

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